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Vermiculite HSN : 25301010

Hydrated Magnesium-Iron-Alumi- Num silicate capable of expanding 6-20 times when heated to 1093C. The platelets exhibit an active curling movement when heated, hence the name.

Occurrence: Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, South Africa. Properties: Platelet-type crystalline structure, high porosity, high void volume to surface area ratio, low density, large range of particle size, insoluble in water and organic solvents, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. The water vapor adsorption capacity of expanded vermiculite is less than 1%, liquid adsorption dependent on conditions and particle size, ranges from 200 to 500%. Noncombustible

Grade: Unexpanded (ore concentrate), expanded (also called exfoliated), flake, activated.

Use: Lightweight concrete aggregate, insulation, sound conditioning, fireproofing, plaster, soil conditioner, additive for fertilizers, the seedbed for plants, refractory, lubricant, oil well drilling mud. Filler in rubber, paint, and plastics. Wallpaper printing, removal of strontium-90 from milk, absorption of oil spills on seawater, animal feed additive, packing, carrier for insecticides, catalyst and catalyst support, litter for hatcheries, adsorbent.

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All kinds of Mineral and Chemicals since 1970’s.