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Titanium Dioxide

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(Titanic Anhydride; Titanic Acid Anhydride; buy Titanic Dioxide; Titanium White; titania). CAS: 13463-67-7. TiO2.

45th highest-volume chemical produced in US (1985).

Properties: White powder in two crystalline forms, anatase and rutile. It has the greatest hiding power of all white pigments. Noncombustible.

Derivation: From ilmenite or rutile.

(a) Ilmenite is treated with sulfuric acid and the titanium sulfate further processed. The product is primarily the anatase form.

(b) Rutile is chlorinated and the titanium tetrachloride converted to the rutile form by vapor-phase oxidation. Papermakers are using this form to an increasing extent in preference to the anatase form.

Grade: Technical, of many variations, pure, USP, single crystals, whiskers.

Use: White pigment in paints, paper, rubber, plastics, etc.; opacifying agent, cosmetics, radioactive decontamination of skin, floor coverings, glass- ware and ceramics, enamel frits, delustering synthetic fibers, printing inks, welding rods. Single crystals are high-temperature transducers.

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All kinds of Mineral and Chemicals since 1970’s.