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A colloidal clay (aluminum silicate) composed chiefly of montmorillonite.

There are two varieties:

(1) sodium bentonite (Wyoming or western), which has high swelling capacity in water; and (2) calcium bentonite (southern), with negligible swelling capacity.

Properties: (Wyoming) Light to cream-colored im- palpable powder; forms colloidal suspension in water, with strongly thixotropic properties.

Occurrence: Wyoming, Mississippi, Texas, Can- ada, Italy, USSR.

Use: Oil-well drilling fluids; cement slurries for oil-well casings; bonding agent in foundry sands and pelletizing of iron ores; sealant for canal walls; thickener in lubricating greases and fire- proofing compositions; cosmetics; decolorizing agent; filler in ceramics, refractories, paper coat- ings; asphalt modifier; polishes and abrasives; food additive; catalyst support. See also clay.

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