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Activated Carbon Coconut

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Activated Carbon Coconut

35th highest- volume chemical produced in US (1985). Finely divided form of carbon, practically all of which is made by burning vaporized heavy oil fractions in a furnace with 50% of the air required for complete combustion (partial oxidation). This type is also called furnace black. Carbon black can also be made from methane or natural gas  by cracking (thermal black) or direct combustion (channel black), but these methods are virtually obsolete. All types are characterized by ex- tremely fine particle size, which accounts for their reinforcing and pigmenting effectiveness. Grade: (Furnace black) conducting (CF), fine (FF), high modulus (HMF), high elongation (HEF), reinforcing (RF), semi-reinforcing (SRF), high abrasion (HAF), super abrasion (SAF), fast extruding (FEF), general purpose (GPF), intermediate super abrasion (ISAF), channel replacement (CRF), easy processing fur- nace black (EPF).

Hazard: TLV 3.5 mg/m³ of air. Use: Tire treads, belt covers, and other abrasion- resistant rubber products; plastics as reinforcing agent, opacifier, electrical conductivity, UV light absorber; colorant for printing inks; carbon paper; typewriter ribbons; paint pigment; nucleating agent in weather modification; expanders in battery plates; solar energy absorber (see note).

Note: A suspension of finely divided carbon particles in compressed air has been researched as a solar energy absorber. The heat is absorbed until the particles vaporize, yielding energy that can be used directly or for power production. The suspension is placed in a transparent container located in a solar concentrator.

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