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What are the different types of coal based Activated Carbon?

What are the different types of coal based Activated Carbon?

Coal-derived activated carbon is a very adaptable substance with a broad variety of uses in numerous sectors. It is an essential tool in industries including air filtration, gas processing, and water purification because of its high surface area and porous structure, which make it a superior adsorbent for gasses and liquids. Coal-based Activated Carbon Coal comes in a variety of forms, each having special qualities and uses. Let’s uncover them one-by-one.

  1. Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

Activated carbon that has been finely ground and typically has particle sizes between 5 and 150 microns is known as powdered Activated Carbon Coal, or PAC. Owing to its small particle size, PAC demonstrates fast adsorption kinetics, which makes it perfect for uses requiring fast adsorption rates, like water treatment facilities and the purification of medicines and drinks.


  1. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

GAC, also known as granular activated carbon, is made up of larger granules than PAC, with a typical diameter of 0.2 to 4 millimeters. GAC is widely employed in both liquid and gas phase applications, including as air purification systems, solvent recovery, and gas separation in industrial processes, as well as municipal water treatment. Longer contact periods and greater adsorption capacities are made possible by its bigger particle size.


  1. Extruded Activated Carbon

Powdered activated carbon is formed into cylindrical pellets or rods through the process of extrusion. Compared to traditional granular or powdered forms, this kind of activated carbon has improved mechanical strength and endurance, making it appropriate for applications with high flow rates or abrasive conditions. Gas phase applications such as solvent recovery and air filtration employ extruded activated carbon.


  1. Impregnated Activated Carbon

To impart specialized capabilities beyond conventional adsorption, additional chemical substances, such as potassium iodide or silver nitrate, are injected into activated carbon. These additions may improve the efficacy of Activated Carbon Coal in eliminating specific pollutants from gas streams or aqueous solutions, such as sulfur compounds or mercury. Commonly used in specialized applications like odor control and flue gas treatment is impregnated activated carbon.


  1. Acid-Washed Activated Carbon

The product that is produced after acid-washed activated carbon is treated with acid solutions to get rid of impurities and ash content, making it cleaner and more chemically stable. This kind of activated carbon is especially useful in high-purity applications where strict quality standards must be fulfilled, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors. In gas purification procedures, acid-washed activated carbon is also used to eliminate pollutants and traces of impurities.


  1. Steam Activated Carbon

A popular technique for making activated carbon from coal is steam activation, which involves heating carbonaceous material to high temperatures and reacting it with steam. Through this procedure, the activated carbon's adsorption capacity is maximized by creating a structure that is highly porous and has a large interior surface area. Steam activated carbon finds extensive application in gas phase processes like gas and air purification and organic pollutant removal from wastewater.


In Conclusion

Coal-derived activated carbon comes in a variety of forms and variants to fit a wide range of industrial uses. Activated carbon comes in a variety of forms: powdered, granular, extruded, impregnated, acid-washed, and steam-activated. Each has special qualities that make it ideal for a particular adsorption task. It is essential to comprehend the many forms of coal-based activated carbon in order to choose the best material to fulfill the demands of a certain application and guarantee successful and efficient adsorption performance.

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